Sunday, December 14, 2008

Andrew Firestone & Ivana Bozilovic Wedding

Andrew and Ivana booked Russell Fowler of Stellar Films to shoot their wedding in Super 8mm Film. I think they made a perfect choice having their wedding documented in this beautifully artistic medium. Andrew & Ivana were fantastic, hospitable and gracious. Not to mention extremely photogenic to the max. Every once and a while I thought, wow, this couple is more attractive and have more charisma in person than in any movie, tv show or magazine cover I've ever seen them in. I think the webster's dictionary is right now as we speak, changing the picture for the word photogenic to one with them in it. Yep. So besides, having such marvelous subjects to shoot, and being involved in one of the most lovely weddings of all time, I must say, the Firestone Vineyards people as a whole are top shelf in my opinion. Tonya Szele, their wedding planner and recent former head honcho over the events and practically everything else at Firestone pulled it off in her usual easy-going style and grace. Jill Remy, the current on-site planner for all of Firestone Vineyards, teamed up with Tonya to knock this one out of the park, or "meadow" if you will. All I had to do was try not to faint from all the beauty filling my lens. It was truely a breathtaking day of shooting. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so here are some photos provided by their exquisite photographers "mi belle inc." Enjoy. Oh and you can see a super fun aged clip on the website.......sooooo go ahead and take a look. 


Anna Costa said...

Way to go Russell! You are such an awesome blossom!
So fun working with you at the Four Season on Saturday. You KNOW your the man!!


Jen said...

Congrats!! What great news, Russell!! Love the blog!

Josh and I still watch our video all the time! You are the best!

xoxo, Jen.

Russell Fowler Studios said...

Hi Weathergirl, I was just showing your video to a client in San Diego last week, such a coincedence to hear from you. Saundra just asked me when you guys were going to have kids? Keep us posted. Say hello to Josh! Love you guys...Take care Jen.



Mary Jane said...

Russel!!!! So fun working with you and I can't wait to see this video!!! You're the BEST!

Russell Fowler Studios said...

Just got approval for a clip from Ivana Bozilovic Firestone, so check it out man!!!! It's a fun clip with an aged process to look ultra cool, well, you be the judge. Anyway, Ivana "loves" it.