Thursday, July 3, 2008

Russell Fowler Studios..."New Blog"!

Hi I'm Russell Fowler. I'm a wedding cinematographer. I shoot weddings in film, Super 8mm & 16mm, occasionally film with video and sometimes video alone. This is my brand spanking new blog for all of my companies, all having to do with capturing images at your wedding. I'm doing business to make it simple under one business entity called Russell Fowler Studios. RFS is made up of Stellar Films, Bon Vivant Cinema and Agency-Studios. The companies are differentiated as follows: 1. My brand new company for photography using associate photographers is Agency-Studios. 2. My lower priced wedding videography company also primarily hiring my long-time associates to shoot and edit is Bon Vivant Cinema. It's lower priced since we offer a conservative amount of film and primarily relies on less expensive "videotape" to capture your wedding memories. 3. My signature motion picture film company, Stellar Films, using only Super 8mm & 16mm Films to shoot your wedding. Sound is however included via digital sound recording separately. 

Please do come by and visit often.


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Mallikarjuna said...

I liked your profession cinematography