Friday, December 12, 2008

16mm Motion Picture Wedding Cinematography

Little time for blogging lately. Been busy crafting my latest masterpiece. That didn't sound too humble did it? Sorry. What I mean is that 16mm Film is my favorite of all media to work with and that masterpieces inherently belong to this gorgeous film stock. Arguably I presume, but who cares! 16mm is sooooo hot! It's warm buttery lens takes my eye to an amusement park of wonderment and excitement. Oh, don't get me wrong, Super 8mm is cool, very very cool, no question but 16mm film is hot! Smoothe and luscious. I love the 16. I think I'll marry it and guess what?, yep!, film the wedding guessed it, 16mm motion picture film. Ha-ha!

I think the summer heat is making me loopy. Anyway, take a peek at my latest creation on Stellar Films website under; "film clips". The bride is the "Farmer John Hotdog Heiress" and the groom is the head chef at the Dodger Stadium. Ironically, the Dodger Stadium is famous for their "footlong" hotdogs right. Guess who makes the Dodger Stadium's "Footlongs"? Farmer Johns of course. I'm telling you, there's a story here folks, I'm only telling the love story of their wedding day however, in my favorite of all films......16mm!

...............xoxo Russell


david said...

Hey Russell,

Your stuff is great! Thanks for your kind words on my Blog. I really hope we get to work together again soon.


Joy Marie
Joy Marie Photography

Russell Fowler Studios said...

Thank's Joy! Everybody check out this gorgeous couple Joy shot. This is one of the hottest engagement shoots I've seen. Joy Marie Photography's website is here:
.......Bye. R.

ps. totally want to shoot Danielle & Colin's wedding with you Joy. Make it happen! (Ha-ha)