Sunday, November 9, 2008

Russell Fowler Studios "New Logo"

We just finished moving into our new studio in San Clemente. It's a beautiful new space with 1600 square feet including a fully funtional photography studio. Simultaneously, we just got all moved into our Brentwood Village office right next door to Kirstie Kelly Designs headquarters and Lisa Gorgestani's A-List Celebrity Event Planning company, Details Events. To simplify matters I'm merging Stellar Films and Bon Vivant Cinema into one Central company, using my own name, Russell Fowler Studios. Hopefully this will simplify the mystery of my comanies once and for all, since so many of my friends in the business have asked me again and again, "what's the difference between Bon Vivant Cinema and Stellar Films?. A new website is being built as we speak. I'll notify you all when it's "live".

1 comment:

tim said...

rock on man! stoked to see you making this move and going big!!!