Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brentwood Villiage Studios Pic's, thanks Joy Marie!

We have a great location in Brentwood Village nestled right between Kirstie Kelly Couture wedding gowns and A-List Celebrity Event Planner Lisa Gorgestani of Details Events. The amazing photographer to the Stars, Elizabeth Messina is showcased here in addition to many of our talented photographer friends work is displayed here for you. 

Talk about ‘location, location, location’. Right across the street is fabulous Italian food, Starbucks, and plenty of amazing shopping. Introducing the newest addition to the Russell Fowler Studios Team, our Los Angeles Account Manager, Jeanette Ulmer. She’s in our Brentwood Village Studios each week wining and dining with high-end planners and photographers. Our studio is a warm and cozy place to visit and enjoy a “cappuccino or sip on some champagne” to quote from Rebecca Stone’s website, (Hi Rebecca). The address is 131 Barrington Place, Suite 200, Brentwood Village, Los Angeles, CA. 90049
Here are some pictures that Joy Marie took on her last visit.


Tim Halberg said...

what a sweet spot, can't wait to cruise down and visit!

Russell Fowler said...

Thanks Tim, I'll see you on the 8th and well have to get some killer lunch from the Italian place across the street. Make sure to bring some post-cards, see you then.