Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lounge Monkey

The Hahn Estate 
Montecito California

Brian and Brady of BB Photography have been referring their clients to me for their videography and cinematography for quite some time. Little did I know that they have been snagging pop shots of me at work, or rather, while lounging on the job. Ha-Ha! Great! 

The Hahn Estate wedding was truly amazing. Colette and Kaitlin of La Fete Weddings and Special Occasions put on this very lavish and austere wedding ceremony and reception at Hahn Estate. The bride and groom were so much fun and beyond gorgeous not to mention extremely photogenic. When BB puts up photos from this outstanding wedding I'll be sure to link to it for you. 

Ok..., back to the photos below that Brian shot of me chillin' on the couch.... Yep, it's a "video" camera you see there.  As you know, I'm a cinematographer, and I normally shoot with "Motion Picture Film Cameras",  but when I do shoot "video",  I roll with this little baby. Weather I'm shooting Super 8mm, 16mm or even video, Canon cameras are definitely my preference. I've been in love with Canon ever since they sponsored me for producing  my extreme sports "Unleashed" surfing TV Show" for DirecTV pay-per-view. Sooooo much fun that was!  Well as you can see, I love my job! Thanks for the photos Brian. You rule! 

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