Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amy & Larry's wedding film

Film for a Friend
Amy is our friend. She is a wedding photographer in Santa Barbara, a mild giant of talent and grace. She and Larry got married and asked us to shoot a few reels of Super 8mm Film for their wedding, so we did. Larry is a great and funny guy, also a photographer, a great one too. So as their invited guests, we really enjoyed their very touching wedding experience. And a great dinner! Each time I see this film I get choked up, well, ok I cry, there I said it. I'm a big crybaby. But especially when watching Amy and Larry's wedding film. Congrats to you both, have success and love forever. 
xoxo R.
Here is Amy's thank you email. 

"Thank You thank you thank you!!!
We just watched the beautiful film you made of our wedding.  We love it!!! You are a visual master."
amy & larry
 Amy Lundstrom
Vita-Bella Photography
1233B State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805-962-1092/ office & fax
800-354-0959 / toll free
805-637-1933 / cell

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